The admissions to courses leading to the degree of Master of Philosophy, abbreviated ‘MPhil’, are invited from all over Pakistan and admissions are made on the basis of merit. Eligible foreign students are admitted subject to a valid visa and NOC from HEC.


To be eligible for admission to MPhil, a candidate:

  1. Shall possess an MA/MSc/BS (Hons) degree or its equivalent in the relevant discipline.
  2. Shall have obtained 1st Division in MA/MSc degree or its equivalent or in BA/BSc but no 3rd division in MA/MSc or BA/BSc or at least 55% marks in BS (Hons) and all other 4 to 5 years Degrees.
  3. In case of 3rd division in FA/FSc, the candidate should have 1st division in both BA/BSc and MA/MSc or its equivalent degree or at least 60% marks in BS (Hons) and all other 4 to 5 years Degrees.
  4. Any of the conditions (2)–(3) above may be relaxed by the Vice-Chancellor in case of a teacher of a university/college and an employee of a research organization.


The following are not eligible for admission.

  1. Anyone who has been rusticated or expelled by any University or College for misconduct or for use of unfair means in the examinations or any offence involving moral turpitude.
  2. Anyone who was admitted earlier to MPhil programmes but later was declared to have ceased to be a student of the University under these regulations.
  3. Anyone who is currently on the rolls of this or any other University.