Notes of Chapter 01: Measuremetns of “Physics XI” for FSc Part 1 published by Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore. These notes are very helpful to prepare Physics paper of FSc Part 1 for Federal Board, Multan Board, Faisalabad Board, Sargodha Board, Gujranwala Board, DG Khan Board, Rawalpindi Board or any other board of Punjab, Pakistan.

Summary & Contents:

The earlier discription of man about the around him and facts abouts natural phenomenon and material things resulted in the birth of single discipline of science called natural philosphy.Due to the huge increase in the scientific knowledge uptill the begining of 19th century it was found necessory to classify the study of nature into …

  • Introduction
  • Physical Quantities
  • International System of Units
  • Base Units
  • Supplementary Units
  • Derived Units
  • Scientific Notation
  • Conventions for Indicating Units
  • Errors and Uncertainties
  • Precision and Accuracy
  • Assessment of Total Uncertainty in the Final result
  • Dimensions of Physical Quantities

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