Notes of “Simple Harmonic Motion” for BSc written by Mr.Nasir Pervaiz Butt. These notes are very helpful to prepare Simple Harmonic Motion for BSc and are in accordance with paper pattern of Punjab University-Lahore, GCU-Lahore, GCU-Faislabad, University of Sargodha-Sargodha and all other universities of Punjab and Pakistan.

Summary & Contents:

In mechanics and physics, simple harmonic motion is a type of periodic motion where the restoring force is directly proportional to the displacement. It can serve as a mathematical model of a variety of motions, such as the oscillation of a spring. In addition, other phenomena can be approximated by simple harmonic motion, including the motion of a simple pendulum as well as molecular vibration…

  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Various Parameters of Oscillators
  • Relation b/w Displacement and Velocity
  • Relation b/w Displacement and Acceleration
  • Energy Consideration in SHM
  • Application of SHM
  • SHM and Uniform Circular Motion
  • Combinations of Harmonic Motions
  • Damped Harmonic Oscillator
  • Forced Harmonic Oscillator
  • Resonance Phenomenon

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