Notes of Electric Field for BSc written by Mr.Nasir Pervaiz Butt. These notes are very helpful to prepare Electricity & Magnetism for BSc and are in accordance with paper pattern of Punjab University-Lahore, GCU-Lahore, GCU-Faislabad, University of Sargodha-Sargodha and all other universities of Punjab and Pakistan.

Summary & Contents:

An electric field is the region of space surrounding electrically charged particles and time-varying magnetic fields…

  • Electric Field due to a Point Charge
  • Electric Field due to many(N) Charges
  • Electric Dipole
  • Electric Field of Continuous Charge Distribution
  • Electric Field at a Point due to an Infinite Line of Charges
  • Electric Field at a Point due to a Ring of Charges
  • Electric Field at a Point due to a Disc of Charges
  • Point Charge in an Electri Field
  • Dipole in an Electric Field
  • Energy of Dipole in a Uniform Electric Field

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